Fantastic Plastic Really Is A Family Friendly Product!

Fantastic Plastic Really Is A Family Friendly Product!

These days, everyone leads such busy lives, and it’s not often that the whole family gets together. Even when they do, they all have different agendas, so while Mum is cooking and Dad is mowing the lawn, the kids could be at football practice, or on the IPad playing games or doing homework.

Proven perfect for DIY & a variety of jobs.

Proven perfect for DIY & a variety of jobs.

Once in a while though, a product comes along that can get the whole family working together. Judging from the many favourable reviews on Amazon, Fantastic Plastic is just such a product. It’s marketed as a solution for all sorts of problems and projects both at home and at work. Crafts, modelling, DIY, repair jobs and making prototypes are just some.

However, because it’s so safe and easy to use, Fantastic Plastic is suitable for the whole family. That said, young children should be supervised, as they may put the polymorph pellets where they should not go, namely in mouths and ears, and up noses. And as the plastic needs to be softened in hot water, it’s best if an adult or a teenager does this part of the process.

Within 30 seconds or so, the plastic will be cool enough for even young children to handle, so there’s still plenty of shaping time, as Fantastic Plastic is pliable for around 3 minutes before it starts to harden off.

Young children may not have the manual dexterity or indeed the patience to fashion complex or decorative pieces.  However, one thing they could be encouraged to do is to make a mobile as a present for a baby brother or sister, or to decorate their own bedroom. Roll out a piece of Fantastic Plastic to the required thickness, then use cookie cutters or something similar to make shapes.

The kids can make holes in the shapes with a skewer before the plastic hardens. Once dry, the shapes can be painted or coloured with nail varnish, before being hung from a child sized clothing hanger.

Older children may like to make jewellery, models or pen and pencil holders from Fantastic Plastic. If they prefer to colour the plastic as they work with it, they can use glitter or acrylic powder paint. For best results though, purchase the proprietary colour additive that’s specially formulated to colour Fantastic Plastic to the exact shade you want. With 8 different pigments, you’re sure to find a colour combination to suit your requirements, and a little goes a long way. One pack of colour additive is sufficient to colour up to 2000 grams of Fantastic Plastic.

The whole family can work together with Fantastic Plastic to produce unique gifts and decorations at holiday times such as Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas. You can make coasters, table centrepieces, place markers and tree decorations.

In fact the only limits to the things you can make are those imposed by your imagination. And with every family member working on ideas, that’s not likely to present a problem!

Why not purchase the large, family sized 500 gram carton of Fantastic Plastic today, and see how this amazing product can help to get your family working together?

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