Fantastic Plastic™ Hand Moldable Plastic Polymorph Pellets

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As Fantastic Plastic™ is heated in warm water it quickly transforms from hard white pellets into a soft transparent blob. When cooled to room temperature the moldable plastic becomes white and rock hard again. You can heat and cool as many times as you like.

  • No special equipment needed
  • Reusable
  • Can be colored, carved, cut, shaped.
  • Cools to extremely durable plastic
  • Environmentally friendly


What is Fantastic Plastic™ Polymorph – “your flexible friend”

Fantastic Plastic™ is a moldable plastic called thermoplastic. This polymorph plastic is ideal for use in the home, workplace or garage.

  • Can be cut when hot or cold, carved, etched when cold
  • Non-toxic
  • Can be painted
  • Can be colored – see our color additive
  • Can be heated in water or in the oven, or using a heat gun or hairdryer

How Do I Use It?

You don’t need any special equipment or experience to work with Fantastic Plastic™.  All you need to get started is an idea, a bowl of hot water and your hands.

  • Becomes moldable at a relatively low temperature (60°C / 140°F)
  • Solidifies at room temperature
  • Reusable – Reheat and Remold the molding plastic again and again. No waste.  Make a mistake? No problem! Want to tweak it a bit? Just reheat it!
  • Has some adhesion and will stick to some other plastics, acrylic, polycarbonate, polyester, PVC, and vinyl plastics. Use strong glue for extra adhesion

What Can It Be Used For and Who Can Use The Moldable Plastic?

Fantastic Plastic™ can be used to create custom grips, mounts, hooks, brackets, knobs, dials, props and connectors without having to use any moulds.  Also:

  • Repairs
  • DIY
  • Crafts
  • Costumes
  • Artists
  • Hobbyists
  • Jewellers
  • Modelling
  • Sculptors
  • Fabricators
  • Protoypers
  • Many other home work and pleasure uses.

Our Guarantee

Our usual complete satisfaction guarantee is applied to Fantastic Plastic™.  If or any reason you are not happy with your purchase we offer a lifetime full money back or replacement guarantee

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16 reviews for Fantastic Plastic™ Hand Moldable Plastic Polymorph Pellets

  1. Jeanna

    I purchased this product to use for crafts, however, my husband has discovered it too! He used it to repair an item that he has tried numerous times to fix with who knows how many different types of goops and glues. Now every time I go to find it, he has it in his workshop. He likes the product so much I can’t keep it away from him. It is already time to order another jar. I am going to have to buy two more, one for him and one for me so I can have fun with it too. Great product, extremely versatile!

  2. Kristy

    I purchased this product for something different for the kids to make crafts with over summer, thinking they could mold something creative. They went beyond what I imagined and actually made rings and dive sticks for the pool!

    The beads melt very easy- we just used water from our Keurig to put the beads in, waited until they were clear to remove from the hot water, and the plastic was ready to be molded by the kids in less than a minute. Once the plastic hardened, we used nail polish to paint them different colors. The plastic is strong and is holding up to the chlorine fine. We have only used them for crafts, but I can see that there are unlimited possibilities.

  3. Cindy Lowe

    I finally got a chance to write a review on here as I ordered this stuff about a week or so ago. I bought it because it looked like fun (and it is) but since then I have already fixed 2 things with it. This is just absolutely awesome. It does exactly what the ad says it does and a million more things too. If there is a negative side I don’t know what it is. You are looking at a pretty cool product.
    Delivery and all that stuff was what you would expect from amazon. It was good.

    One happy Customer,

  4. Jennifer D rhames

    Great shipping, got the product in 2 days with no hassle, so far Den of goods made a great product I needed something to make a project for my daughter day camp and it worked beyond what I had hoped for. It’s low melting point made it easy to work with, and after only 30sec of cooling I was able to put on my face and mould it.

    I used a glass casserole dish and filled with 2 inches of water, placed a thermometer in it and turned the stove burner on. Once the temp was at 140 I began by putting the pellets in. Once they turned clear I was able to pull the plastic out with a metal spoon, I was surprised to find that it was like taffy, not soupy and easy to manipulate. I put it on the counter and used the back of the spoon to spread and smooth it out, returning it to the water once in a while to keep from setting. When it was ready I put a straw in my mouth

    for breathing and put on my face, forming it without any problems. Let it cool on my face for a few min, and perfect art Face mask. I cut out my stencil with a heated razor blade after it cooled and was pleased with the results of applying paint with an airbrush. No overspray since stencil was perfectly formed to my face,
    It stays flexible enough to move around and still keep its shape perfectly, while not being brittle.
    I can’t wait to find other uses. Would recommend for any use. Thanks Courtesy of den of goods ..

  5. Eduardo Placido

    Ok so this is moldable plastic, it has pretty much many possibilities it all depends on the person that is using it and the creativity of one. This can be used by anyone from kids to adults, children can enjoy molding the plastic into what ever their creative minds want thus perfect for crafts and all sorts of fun. Adults can also find a use for it because it can repair a lot of things, because it is moldable you can repair things easily and quickly. It is easy to allow the beads to become moldable, simply follow the instructions on the container and you should be OK, now you need to be quick because it dries very quickly! The results are amazing though, it becomes extremely strong plastic that can be thick, thin, bent, whatever you want it to become. I can highly recommend this product to anyone who might find a use for it!

  6. Barrett Wainscott

    This hand moldable plastic is sort of my secret tool. I’m pretty handy at fixing things and I have to say this is extremely useful more often than you can imagine when it comes to repairs around the house. Personally, I use it for repair but I could see it working great for someone who’s into arts & crafts as well. Great product with essentially an unlimited number of uses. I definitely recommend it.

  7. Mary

    I bought this stuff without any experience whatsoever. I wanted to make my own devil horns for a Halloween costume and this moldable plastic seemed like a good medium. It was a great buy!!! This stuff works really great! I basically just put it in a bowl, added some boiled water from the tea kettle and stirred the little plastic beads until they turned clear. Then I could scoop them up with my fingers and mold them into the shape I wanted. The texture is similar to taffy or silly putty, but then it cools and begins to harden into place. Devil horns were complete in minutes!! I’m a very happy customer! 🙂

  8. rizlazz

    I am an IT guy and came across this product by accident while looking for sugru, I picked up a jar on a whim as it looked useful. The day after it arrived I got a laptop that had a giant hole in the side where the charging port used to be. A little solder and a handful of wee plastic pellets and the side was rebuilt with the jack now embedded in the non-conductive fantastic plastic. Dab of modeling paint and that’s a happy customer… I love this stuff and I WILL be buying more.

  9. cosmic nerd

    I bought one of these and tried it out. Then, I bought 5 more, that’s how awesome I think it is and I can’t recommend it enough!It’s great to have around the house really for anything. If you need to fill in a hole, make a specialized plastic piece, or handcraft anything, this will do it.Their 8 pack color additives are just as fantastic and also a great product to add to your utilities shelf alongside this one, since color increases the value of whatever it is you are making or repairing and it’s as easy to work w/ as this product is (you just gotta heat and reheat and work in whatever blends you want until you get the color you want).I actually tried liquid paint w/ this product and I wouldn’t recommend it (it smears around unevenly and is prone to chipping, since this plastic has a rather smooth surface when it hardens).

  10. Anna

    This moldable plastic stuff is amazing. The more you make with it the more things you can think of to make. I was making a large plastic mold so I had to keep dipping it in the hot water to keep it soft enough to work with, which was fine. But I also used a hair dryer on hot setting to keep it pliable too which was useful.When cooled the plastic is solid white and hard as a rock. I noticed that the company also sells a color pigment to add to the pellets. Good idea if you want to make something to blend in with something else. I can now make hard to find replacement parts for broken toys, tools, etc. I was able to work the plastic with files or drills or sandpaper etc.In my opinion two of the good selling points for this plastic moulding are that first it is re-usable. You can simply reheat any excess or any failed projects. Secondly it is biodegradable so it environmentally friendly.When I run out of the container I’ll be ordering again.

  11. Linda Tatro

    In a bind and low on funds, I purchased this product to make myself a temporary front tooth. It’s working so well, and is so difficult to detect that I have no concern now as to how long it’ll be before I can go to a dentist. That is FANTASTIC!!!For general crafting and sculpting, it’s also wonderful. It’s extremely easy to work with, and is *infinitely* less complicated and messy than ‘mix-your-own’ polyresins. It’s not messy at ALL.Worthy to note: if overheated, the product becomes as sticky as all get-out. DON’T PANIC! Roll it around between your fingers to remove the sticky strands, drop it back into water that isn’t quite so hot and start over.

  12. Celia

    I wish I would have known about this product a long time ago even as it is I ordered last summer and there I sat until about 2 months ago when I got the courage to try it! It was so easy!! And it turns out a wonderful mold piece! I’ve made ballerinas a Victorian woman and a couple different types of cherubs and several others product out of the molds that I’ve collected and the last 2 months! This is perfect for me arts and crafts projects! So easy to use for such a wonderful turn out! Thank you for your product! I would recommend it to anyone who wants to make molds of different pieces or to just shape with your hands. Even if you make a boo-boo comma you can have that back up and use it all over again! No waist, just fun!!

  13. nic hunsicker

    I used this to make a tooth for my mouth, I had broke a tooth and had a ugly gap so I fixed it for now till insurance kicks in anyway:)

  14. Christn

    If you have been using Temp Tooth or need these for a dental fix then you found the right product! The price can’t be beat. I have been using Temp Tooth for a few years now and was so happy I found these. I was just curious if these were exactly the same thing as Temp Tooth and Yes, they are exactly the same thing. No differences at all except with this product you get a huge container full of the little beads. Temp Tooth comes in a tiny container (2.4 oz for $39.95) This is 17.6 oz for 19.97. I wish I had found this sooner.

  15. Chris M.

    Been wanting to play with this so picked it up with my last order. It’s as described, dip some pellets in hot water, wait for them to clear, and mold it into whatever you want. When cool, hardens to a strong plastic akin to nylon. I resheathed the little circuit board on my OEM phone charger (the plastic sheath broke off and the little circuit board and two tiny wires were flimsy, but that charger always worked better than aftermarket ones) and it worked perfectly. Fixed my dad’s broken key fob. Made some little doodly shapes just for fun. I could use some practice learning shaping techniques, but it’s easy to make something functional with no practice.It’s neat that you can remelt any waste, but that also means you can’t use it for anything that’s going to get hot. So it has its limits. But it’s a very fun substance and I’ll enjoy thinking of more uses for it. Would be nice to be able to make black or other colors, I know there are colorants available for it and I haven’t tried painting it or anything yet.

  16. Richard Carter

    Many glowing reviews of products sing their praises but this has been for me a truly wonderful discovery, I am a 54 year old artist who works in many mediums , and have used polymer clays for many purposes, I was though frustrated that it wasnt strong enough for many other uses. Fantastic plastic, is simple enough to prepare, It isnt messy, it allows adequate time for working it into shape and it can be heated again for finer detailing, as the project progresses. It can be used in art projects, or to make handles for tools, decorative canes, the list of possibilities is endless. You can fabricate parts or repair existing objects even if a chunk is broken off the object, The final cooled project is very resilient,, and it is( amazing) that this plastic can be taken to a heat necessary for softening it, but it in this semi liquid state is safe to handle and mold. Last night i was up half the night working it for the first time,, i built the stock for an airgun,,,, something that would have taken weeks to do if i had been working in wood. The process was so simple and enjoyable . This is my medium of choice,and im excited about the future projects that lie ahead,,,,,yea its that good.

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