Fantastic Plastic Polymorph Instructions

Fantastic Plastic Polymorph Instructions

Fantastic Plastic – Your Flexible Friend

1000s of uses *Home and Business *DIY *Repairs *Prototypes *Jewelry *Crafts *Handles *Molds *Models *Toys *Hobbies *Etc

  • Hand Moldable
  • Sets Strong and Solid


Heat some water to approximate 150 degrees F.(You can also also heat using hot air from a heat gun or oven).

Pour Fantastic Plastic pellets into the water. Its re-usable so dont worry if you add too much.


Wait approximately one minute or until white pellets turn clear and stick together. This is when you’ll know they are ready to mold. If they haven’t turned clear, try increasing the heat just a little bit.


Remove from the water and get rid of any remaining liquid between the pellets. Be sure to use tongs or some other type of tool (not your hands) as the polymorph will still be quite hot. Once removed from water, the moldable plastic will be cool enough to mold by hand. Form into desired shape with your hands, tools, molds, or any other means necessary. You can cut it into shapes with scissors or a knife at this point, if required.


Once you’ve created your require shape, let it cool to room temperature. You can place Fantastic Plastic in ice water to speed up the setting process. Once completely cooled, the polymorph will then be strong and durable.


Sit back and admire your finished creation.  If it didnt quite work out the way you wanted, no problem, simply drop back into the warm water and try again.  Its completely re-usable.

Caution:  Take care when applying heat to avoid burns. Keep finished product away from extreme heat. Not suitable for young children as small pellets could get stuck in the throat. Can stick to some surfaces (which you may or may not want).

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