Experience The Joy Of Hearing Your Baby’s Heartbeat

Experience The Joy Of Hearing Your Baby’s Heartbeat

Fetal-doppler-150x150 Pregnancy is one of life’s most amazing experiences. During the 40 or so weeks of pregnancy, it is difficult to recall afterwards, the specific moments that stand out.  Obviously getting the positive test result, learning the baby’s gender, and of course going into labour. Probably one of the most incredible moments is when you hear your baby’s heartbeat for the first time.

In previous generations this would have been at the ante natal clinic using a Stethoscope or a Pinard.  Nowadays however, the most common method of listening to the baby’s heartbeat,  is through the use of a fetal Doppler. The Doppler is a hand-held device that uses ultrasound waves to pick up and measure the heartbeat.

Obstetricians and midwives commonly use these instruments but they are now available to the general public for rent or purchase. How amazing to be able to fetal_doppler_advantages-150x150 listen to your growing baby’s heartbeat any time you want to, at home and even record it either for relatives or as a keepsake.

Did you know a baby’s heart beats at between 120 and 160 times per minute?  It sounds just like a galloping horse!  If the rate is 100 beats per minute or lower, you have probably succeeded in detecting your own heart. If so, just keep moving the probe around your abdomen until you find another heartbeat at 120 beats or more per minute.  You can also hear your baby’s hiccups, they will sound like drumbeats and his or her kicks sound like soft thuds.  The “whooshing” sound you may hear are the nutrients passing through the placenta.

There is no better sound than that of your baby’s heartbeat from the womb. Using a fetal Doppler is a lovely way for you and your family (especially soon-to-be brothers and sisters) to bond with your baby before he or she is born.

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