6 Solutions For Pregnancy Discomforts

6 Solutions For Pregnancy Discomforts

pregnancy-healthy-150x150 1.    Prevent haemorrhoids by keeping yourself hydrated and making sure you have plenty of fibre in your diet – beans, fruits and vegetables, whole grains, nuts and prune juice. If you already have haemorrhoids, soak your backside in a warm bath, bowl or bidet for a few minutes a couple times every day. Always use the bathroom when you need to, don’t hold it!

2.    Constipation can also happen during pregnancy because of the changes in hormones and the necessary vitamins which elevate the bodies iron.  The same preventative measures as for haemorrhoids apply – hydration and fibre but you also need to try to get regular exercise.

3.    Headaches tend to occur more regularly during pregnancy so keep control of your blood sugar and get regular exercise and rest to help prevent them.  Cold or hot compresses may help when you have a headache or neck and shoulder massage to ease tension.

4.    Heartburn is another possibility so eat smaller, low fat meals and avoid spicy, fatty or citrusy foods.  To combat heartburn try adding honey to warm milk, chewing sugar free gum to stimulate your saliva glands and neutralise the acid causing the problem and keep your head elevated when you sleep.  Chewing fennel or drinking herbal tea containing fennel can also help.

5.    Fatigue is very common in pregnancy, particularly during the first three months when your baby’s organs are developing. Unfortunately there are few ways to stop the fatigue, but you can lessen it by eating well balanced meals, taking short naps during the day (just ten to fifteen minutes can revive your energy) and surprisingly exercise! You probably feel too tired to move never mind exercise but it is important and will actually make you feel much better. Finally, iron deficiency may be the problem so check with your doctor that your iron levels are high enough.

6.    Sore breasts, caused by the rapid increase of hormones in the early stages of pregnancy can start at around the fourth week and last up to the fourth month (or sometimes longer).  Your breasts may be tender, Pregnancy-Discomforts-150x150swollen and touch sensitive so you may need to get fitted for new bras, preferably made of breathable material.  To relieve the soreness you could try either a cool pad or heated pad, depending which works best for you; drink plenty of fluids to flush your body and avoid salty foods which make you retain fluid.  Essential oils such as Juniper, Cypress and Rosemary can be used, either mixed with sweet almond oil either as a massage or added to a hot bath.  If none of this works, check with your doctor about which medications are safe for you to use during your pregnancy.

If any of these problems persist, or if you feel something is wrong, contact your doctor.

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