Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor – Using Memory – Taking Readings

Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor – Using Memory – Taking Readings

The TempIR Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor can easily be used at home to both monitor and record systolic and diastolic blood pressure, as well as pulse rate.

Blood pressure rises and falls naturally throughout the day, so you should try to take your measurements at least twice a day and at about the same times. It is important to wait for 30 minutes after eating, having a bath, exercising, smoking, or drinking alcohol or coffee, as all of these will affect the results.

Sit comfortably at a table and rest your arms with your feet flat on the floor. To get the most accurate result, it is best to sit quietly for 5 to 10 minutes, then, with your hand facing upwards, wrap the cuff around your wrist about 1-2 cms, that’s about 3/4 “ below your hand and fasten the velcro strap securely. Now raise your arm and make sure that the monitor is level with your heart. This is very important. Press the ON/OFF button. The monitor will prepare to take the measurement. This will take a few seconds. Then, the cuff will begin to inflate. Whilst the measurement is being taken, keep absolutely still and don’t talk. Once it has become fully inflated, the cuff will then slowly deflate. When this has happened, the measurement will be displayed on the LCD screen. There is a World Health Organisation classification indicator for your guidance. For the best results, you should repeat the measurement 2 or 3 times, about 2 or 3 minutes apart and whilst still sitting at the table. As well as displaying the result, the monitor will save up to 90 readings, with both their date and time.

Press the MEM button once, the first result displayed is the average of the latest 3 readings. Press the MEM button once again to see the latest reading. Each press on the MEM button will display the previous reading. The date and time are displayed at the top. Pressing the SET button will display the results in reverse order, the highest number being the first reading taken. To erase the memory, press and hold the MEM button longer than 5 seconds until you see ‘no’ displayed.

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