What Are The Advantages Of Non Contact Thermometers

What Are The Advantages Of Non Contact Thermometers

Thermometers, especially the clinical thermometers, have been in every household use for decades. Almost all of us have occasionally suffered from fever due to viral, bacterial or any other reasons and used the thermometer to note the temperature. The normal range of human body temperature is between 94º to 97.5º Fahrenheit, and when the body temperature rises above this range, fever is diagnosed. According to medical experts, fever is not a disease in itself but is the effect of some infection. The fever caused by different infections show different characteristic patterns and provides vital clues to the physicians to diagnose the infections/diseases like Tuberculosis, Typhoid, Malaria, etc.

The initial versions of clinical thermometers were mercury thermometers which were inserted in mouth under the tongue, and the expansion of mercury in the calibrated thin capillary tube gave the reading of the body temperature. In case of small children or other special cases, anal or vaginal temperatures were recommended.

The development and application of sophisticated infrared technology to measure the temperature of the human body (or any other thing) has radically changed the old ways. Use of modern Infrared thermometers do not require any close physical contact. The Infrared thermometer is kept about 30-60 cms above the temporal nerve in the forehead, and the temperature is recorded and displayed in digital LED. Temp IR thermometers are reputed, reliable and renowned thermometers from denofgoods.com and are also available on Amazon.

There are several distinct advantages that have made IR thermometers very popular. Being non-contact thermometers, the possibility of passing contagious infections from one person to other is ruled out altogether. One IR thermometer can easily suffice for a family, workplace or even a hospital ward. No matter how carefully you rinse or clean the bulb of the conventional mercury thermometer, the risk of infection transmission cannot be eliminated. In the recent menace caused by Ebola virus, the use of IR Thermometers was extremely handy in containing the incidence. Following the use of advanced technology, the accuracy of IR thermometers is also better than conventional thermometers. There are times when the temperature of the diseased person has to be recorded periodically say every 4 hours as per the instructions of the physician. Sometimes, even when the patient is taking rest or sleeping, he needed to be disturbed by putting the conventional thermometer under the tongue. With IR thermometers, any nursing member can record the body temperature of the patient without disturbing the sleep of the patient. One has to keep simply the IR thermometer 30 cm above the forehead for the couple of second, press the switch and record the temperature. The same feature is also very helpful in taking the temperature of infants, kids or even aged persons with limited motor controls.

Temp IR thermometers also come with recording facility of last 30 readings. This is helpful in making accurate temperature chart for the physician diagnose and decide his line of treatment. The conventional glass mercury thermometers can be broken or damaged easily on impact or fall, but the Temp IR thermometers are very sturdy. The large font digital LED display allows for easy reading even for people with vision problems. The wider range of Temp IR thermometers allows for its use beyond measuring body temperatures alone. The conventional thermometers have the maximum range of 110º F only. With IR thermometers, you can have multiple uses like measuring the warm water temperature in the tub for baby bath or infant feed milk, etc.

The lifetime warranty, long battery life, very affordable pricing, online availability, etc. are other significant advantages associated with Temp IR thermometers which make it hugely popular.

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