Taking Baby’s Temperature Just Got Easier With TempIR

Taking Baby’s Temperature Just Got Easier With TempIR

Have you ever had to deal with a sick baby? If you have,  you will realise that the first thing the paediatrician or health care professional will want to know is if a baby is running a temperature. With old-fashioned temperature taking methods, it can be difficult, or even  impossible, to get an accurate reading without distressing the patient.

Keep your baby healthy with TempIR.

Even tympanic membrane temperature recorders designed for insertion into the ear or rectum can be problematic. A sick baby is going to push away or wriggle away from anything that he believes will make his discomfort worse, so how can a worried parent get an accurate temperature reading?

The answer to that question is to use the TempIR Body Thermometer, which uses the latest infrared technology.  TempIR is a non contact, non invasive, accurate and hygienic method of temperature recording. Simply hold the thermometer 3 to 5 centimetres (cms) away from Baby’s forehead, and it will pick up the infrared waves emitted by the temporal artery, which runs just below the skin on the forehead. Within seconds, you will receive an accurate reading to pass on to your health care professional.

Many doctors, nurses and other health care professionals are now using the TempIR thermometer. It’s fast, accurate, hygienic and completely non-invasive, making it ideal for babies, young children and the elderly.  Babies and older people can be confused as to the cause of their illness, and often become distressed when conventional,  invasive methods of temperature recording are used.

Because TempIR is non-contact, the risk of cross infection is negligible, and that’s important where babies and infants are concerned, because their immune systems are still developing. And of course, older people are also more susceptible to cross infection.

Another benefit of non contact temperature taking for babies is that you can do it even when they are asleep. You only need to access the forehead, and that’s always on display. If you’re unfortunate enough to have two sick children, the thermometer can quickly be used for both of them, as there is no need to sterilise between uses.

It really is possible to take the temperature of a sleeping baby quickly, accurately and hygienically without causing further distress. Invest in a TempIR infra red thermometer, and make life easier when dealing with a sick child.

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