Keep Safe Outdoor Vault is a lockable plastic box for safely storing your valuables during swimming, shopping or when sitting at a public spot.

You dont want to wait to buy a portable Keep safe until you get robbed.

Get into the habit of using one on your next trip.
Is a Keep Safe 100% Effective Against Robbery?
No. Nothing is 100% effective. If a professional thief is determined to steal from you, he will have the equipment to steal from you, no matter how many precautions you take.

However, the vast majority of thieves in the world are opportunistic, not professional. They grab what they can and get out before there discovered. Breaking into a safe? Not worth the time or hassle.

let the Oppurtunist go Elswhere
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Quality Guaranteed

* SECURES your phone, cash and car keys at the water park, in a hotel room, on a cruise ship, whilst Shopping, in your Car Camping or at the beach

* Made from weather resistant, rugged 1/8" thick ABS plastic

* Security-strength retractable tether bicycle-lock wire cable lets you lock it nearly anywhere. Steel cable pin anchors into the lock for maximum protection.

* Three digit, user preset combination lock, Can be reset to new codes.

* Handy Size 19cm High x 18 cm Wide x 10cm Deep and 1.5 ltr capcity. Every Keep Safe comes with a Full Money Back Guarantee if for any reason you are not HAPPY With Your Purchase.BUY TOTALLY RISK FREE.

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