TempIR First Aid Kit For Home, Work and Travel

Accidents are accidents and can happen at any place, anytime to anyone. Despite all care and alacrity, they are part and parcel of everyone’s life, and we all have gone through it. Thankfully, most of them are minor in nature and can be tended by first aid only. First Aid is the instant medical assistance provided for relief to the injured person who has suffered a bodily injury.

As the old saying goes, a stitch in time saves nine, is very apt in First Aid help. There are ample every day experiences which suggest that proper and timely help to the injured person has averted crisis and proven to be life-saving at times. Every household or workplace usually has some assorted items like Band-Aids, Crepe bandages, antiseptic solutions, etc. in a tiny box. Children are always prone to suffer from minor cuts or injuries during their sporting activities, and the first aid is often needed to take care of these injuries. Most families carry them in their cars or caravans when they plan an excursion trip to have some first aid measures in case of any unfortunate accident.

There are many ready-to-use First Aid Kits available in the marketplace or over online stores. Temp IR First Aid Kits are probably the first of its kind affordable kit which has been diligently assembled with quality medical supplies to take care of minor injuries that we encounter in our daily routine. The kit comprises of 100+ items which are neatly arranged in the compact double zipped red fabric sturdy case which has thoughtfully designed elastic slip pockets and PVC pockets to contain secure the ingredients. The antiseptic wipes, bandages of different types, crepe bandages, wound bandages, adhesive bandages, fabric strips etc are neatly packed in the kit with a pair of glove and scissors to hygienically provide the first aid to the injured. Eyes are one of the most delicate organs of our body and prone to injury. The kit contains sterile eye wash and eye pad to provide initial relief to any accidental injury to the eye. This is very handy since most kits overlook quality eye care aid items which are of extreme importance at the times of need. Similarly, Ice packs in the kit can be extremely useful in providing immediate relief from sprains during sports or adventure activities.

The CPR included in its First Aid kit makes the kit precious when you have to confront extreme situations where somebody has suffered drowning or suffocation or even a heart attack. While First Aid training is usually provided in schools or camps to apprise us of its importance and use; the informative booklet on first aid applications is the helpful guide in refurbishing the important information.

Temp IR is already an established name in the field of sophisticated medical instruments like infrared thermometers, Finger pulse oximeter, etc and they have meticulously assembled this useful and compact First Aid Kit with CE approval and top quality medical accessories. The kit comes at affordable price range with money back guarantee.

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First Aid Kit

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