• DO YOU HATE GOING TO THE DENTIST? Sonic waves are used by dentists to break up tartar during a scale and polish. You can mimic this yourself and significantly reduce tartar build up by using this sonic technology every day. See description for why SONIC TOOTHBRUSH IS BETTER THAN OSCILLATING.
  • GOOD FOR ADULTS AND KIDS - WHY? The vibrations emit a wave which extends beyond the brush’s actual contact with the tooth which covers areas beyond what the bristles can actually touch. This provides a more thorough brushing. This is extremely beneficial for kids who are not so thorough in cleaning because the waves reach awkward places near the gum lines and between the teeth.
  • SORE GUMS? Prevent Gum Disease and Tartar. Wave Type Bristles offer a floss action MICROPULSE that gets between the gaps, removes your dental PLAQUE. COMPACT FOR TRAVEL AND HOME. Save space in your bathroom and travel luggage as NO NEED for a cumbersome Charger.
  • DO YOU HAVE BAD BREATH. We have you covered. Control and Eliminate plaque and use the back to clean your tongue to leave your mouth and teeth feeling and smelling clean and fresh. Perfect Toothbrush For HOME AND TRAVEL.
  • TRIPLE VALUE: 1. TWO toothbrushes per pack. 2. SAVE DENTIST FEES: TempIR proven sonic wave technology* gives you a CUSTOMISED brushing experience and ultra clean teeth. 3. SAVE MONEY: Batteries last for 100's of uses. Four FREE spare brushheads and batteries included.


What’s The Difference Between Sonic and Oscillating Technology?

The key difference between these two types is in their mechanism. With the Oscillating, the head spins around the tooth, in one direction or the other. The TempIR Sonic Toothbrush vibrates from side-to-side at a higher frequency than the oscillating. The vibrations emit a wave which extends beyond the brush’s actual contact with the tooth.


The sonic system brushes at high-speed creating extreme vibration which in turn creates a wave of motion. This powers mouth fluids (saliva, water, toothpaste) into the areas between teeth and below the gum line. It extends the movement beyond the actual brushing contact points (about one eighth of an inch). The result is these areas are given an amount of attention that otherwise would not happen with a standard or oscillating toothbrush. So in that sense, a sonic brush is definitely superior to a standard brush

What About Kids?

Kids usually don’t like to brush their teeth and as we all know, don’t spend enough time brushing when they do. Sonic technology is a great option for both kids and seniors, since it is known to be gentle on the gums and you don’t have to brush too hard and damage gums and enamel. Sonic technology is a key advantage in this case

PULSATES to break-up your plaque
GENTLE ON YOUR GUMS: Massage vibration mode for teeth, tongue and gums gives a soft and comfortable thorough cleaning
HYGIENIC STAND on back of brush
EASY GRIP FOR CHILDREN AND ADULTS: Ergonomic soft rubber anti-slip handle provides a comfortable grip

Quality Assurance Guarantee

Have Patented Sonic Technology by your side everyday. You also benefit from a Full PRODUCT REPLACEMENT OR REFUND Guarantee

Sonic those teeth now and save on dentist bills at this introductory price while stocks last

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Sonic Wave Battery Toothbrush Portable, 2 Toothbrushes with 4 EXTRA Brush Heads.

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