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Hypertension or high blood pressure is now acknowledged as one of the most common diseases that is affecting the health and life of most adult people. It is reckoned to be the cause of most heart attacks, brain strokes, kidney or renal failures, eyesight problems besides other fatal diseases. The blood that flows through our circulatory system exerts the certain pressure on the blood vessels which is recorded by the blood pressure monitor. The blood pressure is noted down in two forms – systolic and diastolic. The pressure recorded when our heart compresses to push the blood out is called systolic and the pressure recorded when the heart rests (for a fraction of a second), the blood pressure recorded is called diastolic.

Blood pressure is usually measured in the arm, and there are modern electronic battery operated instruments which record the blood pressure. Temp IR Blood pressure monitors come from the stable of Temp IR, which is already renowned in the field of medical electronics. Its Temp IR thermometers, Finger Pulse Oximeters, etc. already have the reputation of measurement accuracy and top quality features due to its technical superiority.

Temp IR blood pressure monitors also have been built to give accurate blood pressure readings and have the easy-to-use simple procedure. It usually takes just a couple of minutes to record your blood pressure with Temp IR machine and see the accurate results in LCD monitor.

The Temp IR blood pressure monitor comes neatly packed and is compact enough to easily carry it in your backpack if you are travelling so that you can measure your blood pressure even when you are away from home. It weighs less that 500 grams and is easily portable. The machine has quality approval standards from FDA and CE, which is again very assuring.

The product comes with easy to read manual and guides you about the various recording features inbuilt with the system. The arm cuff which fits around the bicep of the arm is of large size that fits most people – men or women. It comes with 22-32 cm size, and the auto air inflated arm cuff fits around the bicep and comes with a velcro strip to fasten it in place. The system works on power from four AA size batteries commonly available in the market. It also has auto shutdown feature for 60 seconds to ensure long battery life.

The LCD is in large font and can be read easily by elderly people as well. Additionally, it also has the voice read out facility. The significant feature of the instrument is that it can record up to 90 readings in its memory which is very useful to understand the pattern. The Date/Time of your recording can be adjusted by the SET button. The same machine also records and displays your pulse or heart beat rate.

Regular monitoring of the blood pressure is recommended by physicians to people suffering from hypertension. Once you have this state of accurate art instrument in your house, you can very well keep track of your blood pressure and effective steps like low sodium diet, medication, etc. to prevent broader damage.

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