Best Baby Thermometer | Dual Mode Non Contact and Ear Thermometer

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Its always nice to have a second opinion when it comes to your family's health. Our dual thermometer gives you the option to perform a forehead reading and/or ear reading.

  • FDA Approved and Pediatrician Recommended
  • Visual and Auditory Alarm
  • Multiple Uses
  • Wipe Clean Thermopile Probe
  • Fast and Accurate



Every parent worries about the risk of high temperatures in babies and children, their elderly relatives and of course themselves.  In order to accurately assess whether you or a member of your family has a temperature you will need to use a reliable thermometer that is simple to use and causes no discomfort. So how about if you had TWO IN ONE!

TempIR developed a dual mode thermometer which enables readings to be taken either from the forehead or the ear canal and is accurate, reliable and flexible.

TempIR thermometer for kids and adults provides an expedient, accurate and simple way to screen initial fever. It is used by simply getting the area surface temperature on the person’s face like the tear ducts or forehead. This infrared thermometer can get the reading of the body temperature with an accuracy of 0.3 degree in less than one second by a single click.

In addition to its special features, TempIR digital ear thermometer and infrared forehead thermometer has a system called an intuitive guidance to confirm exact readings and secure positioning. Temperatures (Celsius or Fahrenheit) will be displayed on its big LCD back-lit screen for easy reading even if you are in a total dark place. Its audio alarm adjustable has been designed to give an alert if your temperature is really high. In this way, you can take the necessary action right away.

It has been designed to give you peace of mind with the following benefits:

Easy To Use and Clinically Proven Accurate

The TempIR Thermometer is an infrared thermometer which provides a reading within an accuracy of 0.3 degrees, from the area surface temperature of a person’s face, primarily the forehead from 1–4 inches or 5–15cm

  • Just press F1 for forehead measurement and F2 for ear measurement mode.
  • Results displayed on screen immediately.
  • High Temperature Visual and Low Auditory Beep alarm
  • 1 click 1-handed operation
  • Measure temperature via forehead (suitable for all ages) or ear (recommended for children > age 1)


You do not have to worry whenever your baby or relatives are feeling so sick as long as you have this clinical infrared thermometer in your home.

  • Non-invasive and distressing for the very young and elderly alike
  • Last 20 readings stored
  • Every home and workplace should have one
  • Only thermometer that your child will ever need.
  • Can also be used to take the temperature of the surrounding environment.
  • Can be used as a baby bath thermometer
  • Can be set to display in either Celsius or Fahrenheit
  • Auto power off (within 5 seconds)
  • Low consumption of energy


Reading by pointing at temporal region of forehead or, if the patient prefers, or if the patient is perspiring a lot, a timpanic (ear canal) reading may be a better choice.  The TempIR Thermometer can be used for either.

  • Uses an intuitive guidance system to ensure correct positioning
  • Wipe clean probe
  • Safe for infants, elderly, disabled, patients, adults and expectant mothers
  • No probe cover

Suitable for Adults and Babies

As the ear canal is not fully developed in young babies the forehead thermometer reading is perfect for all new parents, making this the ideal baby thermometer.


Quality Assured

This dual Forehead and ear thermometer has been developed to use the latest infared Technology. It allows Temporal Atrery Temperature to be Taken from the Forehead. Precise Instant , or via insertion in the ear, if this method is prefered. This Thermometer is the most Suitable for accurate Temperature Measurement. It has been shown that this Method of Temperature Measurement is more precise and Better Tolerated than Tympanic or Rectal Thermometry.

  • Long battery life
  • It has an automatic switch off feature that guarantees economical use of battery power.
  • Big Display With BACKLIGHT.
  • Battery Included
  • Recommended by premier hospitals and physicians
  • Latex free and FDA approved

Our Guarantee

We are confident that you will love this dual mode thermometer and our customer service team are always available to help if you have any issues.

  • Lifetime No Hassle free PRODUCT REPLACEMENT Guarantee.

Buy Now and Take Advantage of This Low Price While Stocks Last

Click the Add To Cart Button safe in the knowledge that we offer a no quibble 100% thermometer replacement or refund if you are at all unhappy with your purchase.  We are sure that as you use this product, you will certainly discover the significant benefits that it provides.


Technical specifications

Items Standards

models Dual-mode infrared thermometer

Applicable regulations and laws

ASTM 1965/EN12470-5


units / adjustable

Measurement range

Forehead temperature mode: 32.0o-42.2°C / 89.6°F – 107.9 °
Fear temperature mode:0.0°C-100.0°C /32.0°F – 212.0°F


±0.2°C /±0.4°F

Display resolution


Latency Time

1 second

Abnormal state display

LCD displays “L ℃” if the measured temperature is below the minimum of measurement range.
LCD displays “H ℃” if the measured temperature is below the minimum of measurement range.
LCD displays “Er1”if the temperature measurement
circuit is abnormal (fault of SENSOR or the temperature measurement circuit), or the ambient temperature exceed 10°C~40°F (50℉-104°F).
There shall be “ErC” if the calibration process is not completed or EEPROM is abnormal.

Sound volume

≧50 db (the perpendicular distance from dB
Volume sensor to thermometer is 10cm )

Automatic shutdown function


Low-voltage display function

The product shall display low-voltage signal if the voltage is below 2.51V±0.15V.

Memory function

Memorize 20 groups of measured temperature.

Current consumption

Istand-by<2μA; Iworking<0.5mA; IBuzzer on<2mA; Ibanklight

16 reviews for Best Baby Thermometer | Dual Mode Non Contact and Ear Thermometer

  1. Brianna

    I had the braun thermoscan and my son wrecked it. I liked that thermometer, however, I did not like buying the ear cover pieces. They were cheap, but after awhile it adds up. So, I wanted something that I didn’t need to buy covers for. I found this one and read the reviews and I decided to give it a shot. Used it a couple of times and it reads temperatures fast, and I love how it had a backlight so you can see the temp in the dark. The brain thermoscan didn’t even have that! I would definitely recommend this product.

  2. jlking

    This is really a great thing for any parent, grandparent, or anyone that cares for kids. I was a little skeptical about the forehead thermometer, but wanted the tympanic anyway, for the little ones. I tested it all out as soon as I got it–thankfully not on anyone with a suspected fever. I got accurate readings, with both the forehead and the tympanic. I like how you can get either reading, all you have to do is remove or replace the smooth cover depending on what reading you want, and push the right button. It was set to C when I first got it, but easily changed to F. I really like that it comes with a nice little cradle too, keeps it neatly stored inside the medicine cabinet. Hopefully, this is something I won’t have to use often, but good to know that it is there if it is needed.

  3. tron3

    To quote Mark Anthony in the play “Julius Caesar” by William Shakespeare, “Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears;”…I come to bury doubt on the accuracy of this thermometer. Ok, that last part was me.

    As owner of TempIR products such as the Pulse Oximeter and Multi-function Thermometer, I am excited to obtain what I hope to be another top notch product. Similar to the previous model this newer, handsome looking unit appears more like something you may see in a hospital or doctor’s office. The Dual Mode Thermometer is narrower and slightly longer than its brethren. It is lightweight weighting in at 3.2 ounces with batteries compared to 3.4 Ounces of the previous generation.

    Remember, there is a certain “leap of faith” you make with digital thermometers. For comparison sake, accuracy of this dual-mode thermometer is +/-0.4º F (0.2º C). Accuracy for the older Multi-thermometer is +/-0.6º F (0.3º C). Unlike the previous Multi-function Thermometer, this is designed to do one thing – take body temperatures. The beauty is in the simplicity and even has instructions printed on the body.

    Multiple readings from either unit may provide a baseline to determine if a fever is indeed in process. Normal skin surface temperature is roughly 92º F. The infrared thermometer must adjust the reading to come within a reasonable assessment of the internal body temperature. Skin temperature changes due to climate (such as room temperatures) and may not reflect a true reading in extreme conditions. So, the tests are done after both I and the units acclimate for about 30 minutes.

  4. JimC

    This another excellent bit of kit from TempIR which seems to do the job perfectly. After testing for a couple of weeks I could find no fault with its operation and got the same acceptable temperature result from either forehead or ear test which is a tribute to its accuracy. As a British Red Cross Enhanced First Aider who takes kit out to events the only minor criticism I would make is that (unlike the non-contact thermometer which I also have) it does not have a carry bag. Otherwise an excellent product which also seems quite robust.


    This is easy to use. The day I got it there was a bug running though my house along with my friends kid too. It was nice to just swipe this across their heads and be done with it.

  6. Crystal Cook

    This is a great product. Very easy to use. Accurate temperatures. Take temperature quickly — love the forehead tool. I have a 17mths old that doesn’t like to keep still for very long and this is perfect…only takes a quick swipe across the forehead. Ear tool works great too…for my 7 year old. No attachments to keep up with.

  7. Gadget Guru

    I have used this forehead and ear thermometer and love it!! I have a wife who is a cancer patient and we have been through a lot. Using a conventional thermometer I would have to wake her up on occasions to check her temperature. This unit makes it easy to use without having to wake your sick loved one. The display is very nice and I especially like the backlight making it easy to see in the dark without having to turn the light on. It is very simple to use but I recommend reading the instructions first. I think this would be a very useful tool for anyone with young children who have been through the frustration of trying to keep a child still and the thermometer under the arm for a minute. The unit is well built and comes with a nice little holding tray that you could use to keep the thermometer close by the patient for easy access. The customer service provided was excellent and friendly.I highly recommend this thermometer!

  8. Angie

    This really does work well we have found it accurate and easy to use and is excellent for taking our kids temperature especially if they are sleeping.You will see a small variance between the ear and the forehead temperature the ear can be slightly higher this didn’t cause us concern as i had looked at the temperature variance information when we looked at some instructional videos on there websiteSo for us this is a great buy we would recommend this thermometer as we already have to other family membersBEWARE if you dont Buy it !

  9. Melissa

    Having a 4month can be difficult to take temp, this thermometer was easy to us and works great, gave a reading super fast before son got fussy will recommend to any new or any mom

  10. Linda

    works great, simple, easy to read display, very pleased with this thermometer. I needed one that I could see in the dark and was simple enough to use in the middle of the night when I am half asleep. This is good on both counts. I like that it doesn’t misbehave and give you a error message just because you shook it or turned it upside or some such thing. It is sturdy! I use the forehead function and it works every time even if I am sloppy about passing it over my forehead. Recommend!

  11. Kindle Customer

    Very accurate and easy to use. Tested in on one year old, compared anal to in ear and both results were the same. Guess which one the child prefers!

  12. Amazon Customer

    I had read a few reviews about the thermometer being inaccurate or returning false readings and I didn’t encounter that issue at all. The thermometer was correct within 0.1 deviations each time I used it and compared it to my other classic thermometer.I love the convenience of both forehead and ear. The instructions were clear, concise and to the point.Great thermometer go ahead and buy it

  13. Katherine Rice

    I had trouble with The thermometer when I first received it. I couldn’t get an accurate temp to save my life. A few days later I actually planned on returning it and it was accurate and has been ever since. The only complaint I still have is that I wish it was quicker about switching between registering between the ear and forehead.

  14. Brianna

    I had the braun thermoscan and my son wrecked it. I liked that thermometer, however, I did not like buying the ear cover pieces. They were cheap, but after awhile it adds up. So, I wanted something that I didn’t need to buy covers for. I found this one and read the reviews and I decided to give it a shot. Used it a couple of times and it reads temperatures fast, and I love how it had a backlight so you can see the temp in the dark. The brain thermoscan didn’t even have that! I would definitely recommend this product.

  15. Krista Brake

    I just purchased this because my oral/underarm thermometer broke. With two kids I figured I may as well try something a little better. I LOVE it. My 2 yr old hates having her temperature taken, but she don’t mind this one at all. Super fast, and seems accurate!

  16. AsMiTa

    It arrived quickly, in a nicely secured package, the instructions are very clear and the reading very quick. This is now in my super mom kit and I will be taking it with me on travel also. I had to manage to put it correctly for the ear reading but it gives the same results as the forehead one.

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