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It’s Time to Empower and Awaken Your Inner Artist with Bright Knight Best Gel Pens 36 Pack.

Favoured by many Graphic Designers, Artists, Students and Teachers for their vibrant colours and bold, solid lines. The Gel Pens use the exact same basic mechanism as roller-type ballpoint pens, but the ink inside the pens is thicker than standard ballpoint ink. The bright, varied inks used in these gel pens have additional properties for dynamic visual effects. The Bright Knight Gel Pens are ergonomically designed to feel comfortable and give trouble free smooth writing and drawing.

Colours and Designs

An array of 36 bright, vibrant colours and finishes.

  • Glitter: for when you want to make an impact or be seasonal.
  • Neon: for when you want to be expressive and noticed.
  • Pastel: for when you want that nostalgic look.
  • Metallic: for when you want to highlight and accentuate.
  • Normal: for the traditional look.

Quality Assured

These Gel Ink Pens have been meticulously crafted to use the latest ink and ball point technology for a smooth and effortless flow.

  • Thin, precise tips allow your hand to glide over the paper.
  • Ergonomic grip
  • Custom designed for the everyday artist, crafts person, children and adults alike
  • Free-flowing ink provides smooth, crisp application
  • Non-toxic, Acid free, safe for children
  • Water-Resistant colorful pens
  • Fade-Resistant
  • Check-Safe Ink colored pens
  • Extra Strong Tips


Suitable For

  • Creating and embellishing craft projects
  • Childrens colouring projects
  • Graphic designers and artists
  • Letter writers
  • Doodlers
  • Scrapbookers
  • Journalists
  • Sketching
  • Finish details on watercolor or acrylic paintings
  • Greeting cards
  • Invitations
  • Memos
  • Gift tags
  • Use on dark and light paper
  • Calligraphy pens
  • The list is endless

Our Guarantee

We are so confident that you will get the best visual results for your creative talents by using our colored gel pens that we offer a full MONEY BACK OR PRODUCT REPLACEMENT guarantee.

How To Buy

To see the delight on your childrens faces or to compliment your own skills, buy these gel pens now by clicking the Add to Cart button at the top and you will soon be producing outstanding artistic creations.

6 reviews for Bright Knight Gel Pens

  1. Donna F. Hanson

    I am a Zentangler and needed these gel pens to add color to my Zentangles. I found the color selection to be quite adequate for my needs. I received my pens in excellent time and condition. However, I do need to express that if anyone uses these for drawing they need to allow each color to dry before adding another color and be careful not to touch the color before it has time to dry. Otherwise, I am very pleased with these gel pens.

  2. Hope

    I did a lot of research on gel pens before selecting these. the price, product guarantee and reviews all helped me make the choice. Upon opening the pens, the ink was smooth and flowed well, but almost all of the pens were only half full and appeared to have been used already. maybe that is the way they are made, shipped, I dunno…but for the price, I want more ink…sorry. In addition, I felt the color selection to be repetitive. Maybe it’s the artist in me, but i am super picky with writing tools. If you have money to burn, burn it on some Sakura gelly roll pens…or prismacolor artist markers. that’s what I did. Oh, and Amazon rocks. they sent ups back out with a call tag THE NEXT DAY and refunded my money the day after that. Impressed? you betcha.

  3. C. Ridgeon

    Wonderful set of pens in an array of stunning colors, For many uses children just love them keeps them entertained for hours
    I can see that the pens would have many uses for craft people or would make a great gift and very reasonably priced.
    If you have children Xmas is fast approaching and would make an exciting stocking filler. The pens are good quality easy to write with they just flow
    A great all round gift and would easily appeal to any age group. Also a good item for fundraisers. A great product.

  4. Jennifer D rhames

    The first reason I wanted to give these bright knight gel pens by Bright Knight a try is to mainly help my card making endeavors, and they are working great. I use them to trace over stamps before coloring them in with water colors, and they provide a nice raised effect as well as an edge for the water colors to stay inside the lines. I also plan on using them to make some gifts for some friends, by hand writing their initials on some long stemmed wine glasses as an anniversary gift you can basically use these colorful gel pens for anything children for school are buy it as a gift for someone you know too. Thanks courtesy of Bright knight .

  5. Andrea B

    I have a small obsession with pens and I generally do not like gel pens. These pens are a different story. They write like a ball point, very smooth. I love the colors they come in. I didn’t know there were sparkle ones in the pack and it was a great surprise. They’re beautiful. The metallic ones are wonderful too. The variety of colors is amazing yet there’s still black and standard blue as well so you can use them on documents that require those colors. Overall, for the amount of different color pens you get and the way they write so well these are definitely a great value.

  6. naynay

    I like these gel pens. They write real well. They have every color you can think of. They would be great for art or just having fun writing. My mother tried to take them lol. I wouldn’t give in on these pens. I would recommend these for every one.

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