Non-Contact – The Ultimate Thermometer

Non-Contact – The Ultimate Thermometer

Have you ever had a fractious baby who you thought might be unwell and wanted to check his or her temperature but couldn’t see how to hold the baby still and take the temperature?

Digital thermometers are specifically designed for use in the rectum, but most can be used rectally, orally, or under the arm – none of which are easy with an unhappy, wriggly baby.

Digital ear thermometers, called tympanic thermometers are not suitable for young babies, as the ear canal is not fully developed, so it will not be possible to obtain an accurate reading.

So, rather than assume the temperature is too high or too low and assemble all the paraphernalia necessary for taking a small baby out before you head off to the doctors surgery or local hospital you can now use a Dual Mode Thermometer.

Offering dual temperature taking provides parents with peace of mind, since it is possible to check temperatures at two easily accesible sites with the same thermometer, and if required compare the readings. One of the greatest advantages of dual mode thermometers is the speed at which the temperature is shown, whether it is taken via the forehead or the ear canal.   You can instantly decide whether it is necessary to call a doctor and give them the reading so they can advise you on the best course of action.

The TempIR Dual Mode Thermometer shows the reading but it also has an audible warning if the temperature is high and stores the last twenty temperatures taken.

Peace of mind when you have a young baby to care for is sometimes hard to come by but the Dual Mode Thermometer provides just that when it comes to temperature taking.

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