How to Take an SP02 and Pulse Reading with The TempIR Oximeter

How to Take an SPO2 and Pulse Reading with The TempIR Oximeter

The TempIR Finger Pulse Oximeter was not designed for continual use, such as running or cycling, but it is ideal for one-off readings as a guide to SPO2 oxygen saturation levels and heart rate.

Turn the unit on by pressing the button, then place the unit firmly on the finger. It is important that you are not wearing any nail varnish as this will disrupt the readings. Hold your hand still and allow the oximeter to settle for several seconds. The readout will begin. It will take several more seconds before the readout becomes stable. When the unit does become stable, the levels will be displayed numerically.

If for any reason, you are unsure about your readings, please contact a health professional for further advice.

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