How To Keep Cool Without Air Conditioning

How To Keep Cool Without Air Conditioning

It’s vital to keep a stable body temperature at all times, because if you are too cool or too hot, you can become very ill, really quickly. In the summer season, it’s maybe even more vital to keep your cool, as heat exhaustion can establish itself in no time at all and, if untreated, it can be really severe. The TempIR Infrared Thermometer can help you to track your temperature level, but exactly how can you remain cool and healthy in the summertime?

Air conditioning is a cool development, if you’ll pardon the pun, but it certainly isn’t ideal for everyone, and it can be pricey to run. Individuals who suffer breathing problems or sinus issues might discover that their condition is aggravated by air con. And of course, not everybody is in a position to pay high utility expenses. Aircon is also noisy, so if there are youngsters in the home, or perhaps people with delicate hearing, it’s not the very best option. However, you can remain cool in summer without resorting to air conditioning.

Invest in ceiling fans for each room. The high speed will cool down the room successfully, as long as you go for a fan with largeblades, and the slowest speed will ensure the room stays cool at night, without making it too chilly. You can also prevent  annoying critters such as mosquitoes from having a midnight feast as you sleep, as ceiling fans keep them at bay.

In the daytime, leave the doors and windows open to develop a through draught. However, if a particular room gets more than its reasonable share of sun, you might wish to keep the windows and the curtains or shutters closed. If you hate the idea of locking out the sun’s rays, yet still want to keep the rooms cool, maybe you should think about purchasing vertical blinds, as they can be angled to let in the light but shut out the heat of the sun.

If you have certain hotspots in your home, a strategically placed pedestal fan will quickly get the air moving and create a welcome breeze. Pedestal fans are typically more reliable than desk top ones, and they are  inexpensive to run and they are portable, so as the sun moves around the home, you can relocate the fan.

If you have wooden or marble floors, remove any rugs and carpets to help keep the spaces cooler, and walk around in bare feet. Your body remains cooler if your feet are cool.

Have a chopped melon on standby in the fridge for a revitalizing cooler which is more reliable at quenching your thirst than a cold drink. And always keep a pack of moist cleansing wipes and / or a mist spray of water in the fridge. Use these for freshening up through the day.

As you can see, air conditioning is not crucial for keeping one’s cool. In reality, it’s much cheaper as well as better for the environment to look for other options. And bear in mind a TempIR Infrared Thermometer can help you to check that your core temperature level is in the healthy range.

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