How To Keep Cool On A Hot Summer Night

How To Keep Cool On A Hot Summer Night

Hot summer nights may be excellent for barbecues or strolling by the ocean, but it’s different when it comes to getting a sound night’s sleep when the temperature is high. It’s so much easier to get warm than to cool down, so how can you sleep comfortably on hot nights?

Keep the room well ventilated

Leaving windows open at night may not be a sensible choice if you live in a hot country with mosquitoes and other flying pests. Maybe you should consider investing in a combined light fitting and ceiling fan. This serves two purposes. The fan works to cool the air without making you too cold, as can happen with air conditioning. Also, mosquitoes, moths and other flying insects are poor flyers will be deterred by the movement of the blades.

Use cotton bed linen

Put away your fancy linen for the duration of the summer. Cover the bed with a pretty, empty cotton duvet cover instead.  The bed  will look good during the day, and if the temperature falls during the night, it should be enough to cover you and maintain your body at a comfortable temperature.

Put away your pyjamas

Get naked at night for a cool, comfortable sleep. Long hair should be tied back loosely, so that it doesn’t cause you to sweat around the neck area. Some people suggest a cool shower right before bed. However, if it’s really hot, the task of showering and drying could make you hotter than ever. A better idea is to keep a pack of wet wipes in the fridge, then wipe all over with them immediately before you get into bed.

Keep cool before bed

Run your wrists under cold water, as it will cool your whole body. Enjoy a cool, non- alcoholic drink just before bedtime, and always have a glass of iced water by the bed to help you stay hydrated during the night and maintain a good basal body temperature. You could also place a gel ice pack similar to the ones used by physiotherapists for sports injuries inside the pillowcase. Wrap it in a cotton tea towel to be sure it’s not uncomfortably cold when you lie on it.

Say no to cuddles

It may be wonderful to snuggle up to your partner, but in the heat of the night, it’s best to keep your distance and therefore keep your cool. Once you become overheated, it’s very difficult to cool down. Make it a morning cuddle and then maybe shower together afterwards.

These simple tips should ensure you enjoy a good night’s sleep even on the hottest August nights. Sweet dreams!

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