Can One Thermometer Really Be Used For Both The Old And The Young?

Can One Thermometer Really Be Used For Both The Old And The Young?

TempIR is a totally non-contact clinical thermometer that uses the latest infrared technology to provide a fast, hygienic non-invasive and accurate way to take the temperature of a friend, colleague or family member who is sick. This product can be used on anybody and for anything.  You can take room, surface and liquid temperatures with this high quality, versatile thermometer. However, TempIR really comes into its own when used with babies, young children and the elderly.

The problem with both ends of life is that you’re more likely to get sick, because your immune system is either not fully developed, or deteriorating through age. Also, babies, young children and the elderly may have communication issues that may prevent them from co-operating with any attempts at temperature recording. Babies can’t talk, and they don’t understand what’s happening to them, so they can’t tell you where it hurts. They don’t realise that taking the temperature will help to diagnose the problem, so they’ll resist any attempt to use a regular thermometer.

At the other end of the age spectrum, elderly people may be suffering from dementia, and in any case are likely to feel confused by their symptoms, so they may not co-operate fully when someone tries to take their temperature. If the baby, child or elderly person is sleeping, you won’t want to disturb them, but if the doctor is on the other end of the phone and needs a temperature reading, you have no option.

TempIR is completely non-contact, and can record the temperature quickly and accurately from a distance of 3 – 5 centimetres (cms) from the patient’s forehead. That means there is no need to disturb a sleeping or distressed patient, as the temperature is recorded by reading the infrared waves emitted from the temporal artery. This is located just under the skin, running across the forehead, and the good thing about this method of temperature recording is that the forehead is always visible and accessible, even when the patient is sleeping or snuggled under the duvet.

Other methods of temperature taking may be unsuitable for youngsters and the elderly. Ear thermometers can be inaccurate if the child has any ear wax or if the ear canal is small and curved, while rectal temperature taking can be distressing for both young and old. Axillary temperatures – where the temperature is taken in the armpit – are the least accurate of all, and with all these methods of thermometry, the patient is likely to try and wriggle away or push the thermometer away.  Getting an accurate reading can be distressing and stressful for both the patient and the care giver.

Another thing to consider is the risk of cross infection.  It is well known that very young and very old persons are at higher risk of infection, as their immune systems are either not fully developed or are compromised as a result of aging and other health conditions. TempIR does not come into contact with the patient, so it is a much more hygienic method of temperature taking.

TempIR is a high quality, non-contact infrared thermometer which has been developed using the latest infrared technology to deliver a fast, accurate stress-free temperature reading for anyone. However, its non-contact methodology means it is particularly useful for recording the temperatures of the very young and the very old. Every home and workplace should have one!

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