Bright Knight Gel Pens Are Ideal For Card Making

Bright Knight Gel Pens Are Ideal For Card Making

Sometimes a premium product comes along that is so useful and versatile you wondered how you ever managed without it. Bright Knight Gel Pens are one such product. Manufactured using the latest technology, so they write freely and easily, with no skips, smudges or blots, these top quality pens are ideal for craft purposes, as they produce a professional finish every time.

Bright Knight Gel Pens are recommended for all art, craft, home, school and work projects. The 36 gel pens come in an attractive and functional presentation and display case that allows for easy selection of the exact pen you need for the project you’re working on. There are 10 metallic pens, 6 pastels, 6 neons, 10 glitter pens and 4 regular pens to choose from. This means you can carry out all manner of craft projects, so why not use Bright Knight Gel Pens to create unique greetings cards for your family and friends?

Great for making colourful cards for any occasion!

Great for making colourful cards for any occasion!

The ink in the gel pens is thicker than in regular ballpoint pens, yet the point is fine, so you get a perfect outline every time, exactly where you want it. This makes Bright Knight Gel Pens ideal for making greetings cards. The great selection of colors and effects means the potential for design is limited only by your imagination. You can create interesting textures and effects by using different pens, and you may even want to paint inside the firm yet fine outlines provided by the gel pens.

Whether you write and draw freehand, or use templates and stencils, Bright Knight Gel Pens will help you create innovative and original greetings cards for the people you most care about.

It’s possible to achieve a funky effect by using neon gel pens on black or dazzling white card. For something equally innovative but more restful on the eyes and senses, experiment with the pastels on grey, black or blue card. The delicate pastel shades are ideal for creating that special birth congratulations card. For a classy presentation for your cards, buy dark colored envelopes, and write the name and address in pastel.

The glitter pens are excellent for Christmas cards or celebration cards, while the metallics can be used to create cards that guys will appreciate. Young children and teenagers will probably go for the neons.

Suitable for young children and also teenagers.

Suitable for young children and also teenagers.

If you’re making a card for someone who reads a lot, why not make a matching or contrasting book mark to include with the card? With so many colors and finishes to choose from among your Bright Knight Gel Pens, there are endless possibilities available to you.

Because Bright Knight Gel Pens are water resistant and fade resistant, your uniquely personal greetings cards will continue to look good for many years to come. In fact, they may even become treasured family keepsakes.
With greetings cards being so expensive these days, maybe it’s time to unleash your creative processes with the help of Bright Knight Gel Pens. You could recoup the initial investment many times over, and of course, you can still use the pens for other projects around the home and at work.

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