Best Blood Pressure Monitor – Instructions Batteries, Time, Measurement Units

Best Blood Pressure Monitor – Instructions Batteries, Time, Measurement Units

The TempIR Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor is ideal for personal domestic use. It is both safe and easy to use and can help you keep an accurate record of your blood pressure.

First, you must insert the batteries. To do this, remove the cover by sliding it away from the monitor’s body. In this unit, batteries are inserted in opposite directions, with their flat, negative terminal pressing against the spring. Give them a quick twist to ensure a good contact and replace the cover by sliding it back into place.

To keep a record of your readings, it is necessary to set the date and time. To do this, press and hold the SET button until you see the year flashing. To change the year, click the MEM button. Each click will cause the numbers to increase. Press SET again for the month and MEM to change it. Repeat the process to select the date, again changing with the MEM button. In this example, we have set the date to March 6th. Pressing the SET button once again, you can adjust the hour. Holding the MEM button down will cause the numbers to change faster. Finally select the minute and adjust them with the MEM button. Next time you press SET, the unit will turn off and the settings will be remembered.

Blood pressure is generally measured in units of mmHg which historically means millimeters of mercury. This monitor can also display readings in kPa, which is kilopascals . To select which units you want displayed, press and hold the ON/OFF button for longer than 5 seconds. The screen will change. Click MEM to select and finally ON/OFF to store the change.
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