Best Baby Thermometer – Preparing For Use

Best Baby Thermometer – Preparing For Use

The TempIR Ear and Forehead Dual Thermometer has been designed to take body temperature safely from either the ear or the forehead. You may hear the term ‘temporal artery’ used in connection with thermometers. This is the spot about an inch above the centre of the eyebrow and it goes down in front of the ear. You would use to take what is described as a ‘temporal’ (ore forehead) temperature with this thermometer. More information on that will be in another video.

The digital ear thermometer has two mode buttons, F1 for forehead mode and F2 for ear mode and other functions as we will see below.

When you first receive your new ear thermometer you will find the batteries already inside. Batteries aren’t active until you pull the plastic strip out so that’s the first step, to pull it upwards and out. You will know they work because you will hear a short bleep to confirm you have power to the thermometer.

After a lot of uses you will have to replace the batteries and the non contact infrared thermometer needs to have good quality batteries in order to work properly. You will need 2 triple A batteries and its just like changing batteries on a remote control. They are in the back of the machine, you press then slide the back off. You may have to use your finger nail to push against the top of the battery to get it to spring out.

Put the batteries in with the flat side with the minus sign on against the spring, they go plus to plus. It’s important to do the right hand battery first, then the left one. check they are both in the right way and give a little twist to make sure, then slide the cover back on.

One of the other features of the ear and forehead thermometer is the ability to change the readings between Centigrade and Fahrenheit, depending on which one you are used to. The F2 button is used to change these readings. Press and hold the F2 button and you will see the letter M on the screen, keep holding the button until it shows either C or F. It will show whatever setting was last used. If you want to change whichever one is set, you will need to press the F2 button again, but let go this time. The thermometer will automatically power down after about 10 seconds. When you switch it on again, it will have saved the setting you want. It can be reset again using the same method. The thermometer will memorise the last 20 temperatures in Fahrenheit or Centigrade, depending on whichever you have set.

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