Available Now, The Pulse Oximeter

Available Now, The Pulse Oximeter

Pulse oximeter technology is very new to the world of home patient monitoring. Most people typically associate an oximeter as something only used by a doctor in a hospital or clinical setting. You have probably seen an oximeter in the doctor’s office or at a hospital appointment as it is used in medicine all over the world to measure the oxygenation of a patient’s blood level.  It is a standard part of patient care by anaesthesiologists in the operating theatre and in critical care areas of a hospital where a patient’s blood oxygenation could be continuously monitored and measured by an on the spot diagnostic tool rather than by sending a laboratory blood gas specimen and waiting either hours or even days for the results.

Pulse oximetry measures the percentage of oxygen being carried through the arteries compared with the medically agreed maximum level. Monitoring of oxygen saturation levels is important for people with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) or other lung ailments who need to use supplemental oxygen.  Oxygen saturation levels are used to determine how well the heart, lungs and blood are supplying organs with oxygen.

A typical healthy young person will have an oxygen saturation level of 95 percent to 99 percent.

New technology now ensures that this quick, easy, safe, non-invasive and cost effective vital sign monitoring of oximeter technology can be used in the home setting. It is placed on the individual’s finger, and a sensor is able to give a readout making it ideal for people who suffer with asthma attacks and allows individuals to go wherever they like to monitor their health, whenever they want.

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