An Accurate Temperature with Our Baby Thermometers

An Accurate Temperature with Our Baby Thermometers

When your baby is running a fever, you want to be able to get an accurate temperature reading each and every time. Using traditional thermometers can cause your little one to fuss and cry even more, and as a parent, you may become frustrated. With TempIR’s non-contact baby thermometers, you can get an accurate reading in seconds. Our Clinical Infrared Body Temperature Thermometer requires no contact to be made with your baby’s skin, and by simply placing the device within centimeters of their forehead, you can instantly know what their internal temperature is.

Our non-contact thermometers utilize infrared technology that reads the waves emitted by the temporal artery, which is located just below the skin of the forehead. By gently laying your baby on his or her back and placing the thermometer close enough to their forehead, you can check to see if their fever has gotten better or worse. You can store up to 32 readings in the memory of your thermometer, so you can go back and check to see how your little’s one fever has progressed over the past few hours or days.

With baby thermometers from TempIR, there will be no more struggling to take a temperature in your baby’s ear, and they won’t try to squirm away when the cold tip touches their skin. You can instantly see what their temperature is, and what it is you need to do to alleviate their fever. Our thermometers are simple and easy to use, and we know that you’ll love their efficiency and accessibility.

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