5 Examples Of Thermometers For Baby

5 Examples Of Thermometers For Baby

1.    Plastic strip thermometers.

This is one of the more recent types of thermometers for babies. The plastic strip is placed on your baby’s forehead, and if there is a temperature, the strip changes colour and shows the temperature.  This is a very fast, easy to use method and causes no distress to your baby but is one of the least precise thermometers.

2.    Mercury thermometers.

This type of thermometer is no longer used by doctors and has been banned from sale since 2009. They are made of glass and contain mercury, a disused chemical element that expands with temperature – that’s how it shows your baby’s temperature.  It is very accurate and you can take the temperature in the rectal, mouth or armpit area.  However it takes approximately four minutes to get a correct reading and of course mercury can be dangerous.

3.    Axial, oral or rectal digital thermometers.

These thermometers allow the temperature to be taken in the armpit, groin, mouth or rectum. Once you have decided where to take the temperature, the thermometer needs to be kept in contact with the skin in the area until a bleep signals, which can be up to two minutes. The temperature is shown on a screen either in centigrade or Fahrenheit. The most reliable place to use one of these thermometers is the rectum – other areas could vary up to two degrees.

4.    Digital Pacifier Thermometer.

These thermometers are exclusively for babies. The dummy has a sensor which heats up as the baby holds the dummy in the mouth and the temperature is shown on a screen after approximately 90 seconds.  This method will only work with a baby that will keep the dummy in his or her mouth for more than 90 seconds and is restricted with the age group it can be used for.

5.    Forehead and ear infrared thermometers.

These thermometers measure the temperature by using a lens which allows infrared emissions to be captured from your baby, either from his or her forehead or ear. It takes the temperature very quickly and because there is no contact on the skin is a very easy option for both the parents and the baby and, if infections are present there is less risk of passing them on to other members of the family.

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